Sunday, August 16, 2009

i'll teach you to be happy! i'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!

the other day i was thinking about how, as an adult, much of my happiness comes simply from relief—the relief of having gotten a good night's sleep, the relief of the end of the work week, the relief of being regular, etc. this is sad to me. happiness should come from joy, not relief. so i set out to make a list of things that purely bring me joy, coming up with only six answers. which, according to most i've talked to, is about average.
1) dancing with friends, specifically to soul music or bad early nineties dance hits, but really anything,
2) singing loudly to the radio while driving in a car,
3) spontaneously breaking into song with any given company, the more the better,
4) making out,
5) going for late night walks during the summer; better if instigated by someone else, and
6) watching Ghostbusters. 1 or 2, really.

i would say this is a good start.

on friday i unexpectedly had fun driving around aimlessly with stacey, jeff, and noah from minneapolis. it was simple—lunch, ROSS [dress for less], Heathers, and a hideous picture of me in a periwinkle skirt suit—but really fun. and it didn't include anything from the above list. i felt relieved that i am capable of something other than...relief.

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